1. 2018-03-29

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2. 2017-11-07

Patent information and its usefulness: A practical approach:

Patents and Nanotechnology: A case study ....Read more

3. 2016-01-23

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4. 2013-08-20

Note on "ancillary thereto or developed thereon" : Draft Guidelines for Examination of Computer Related Inventions... Read more

5. 2013-07-26

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6. 2012-12-17

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10. 2009-02-23

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11. 2008-08-13

Patent prosecution in the United States

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12. 2005-10-28

Legal Framework of Patents & IP Rights: The Differentiator for Technology Creation... Read more

13. 2005-10-28

"The applicant humbly submits that although the preset writ petition has wide reaching ramifications and impacts wide spectrums of innovations, its arguments are built on a narrow foundation with prime focus on pharmaceutical products. In viewing the requirements of the Patent Act and Rules from a primarily pharmaceutical prism, the petition proceeds to make assumptions and arguments that are untenable in law and in practice."....Read more

14. 2015-01-21

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15. 2004-04-26

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