Drafting of Patent Specifications:

The goal in a patent application is to provide a full, clear, exact description of the invention in a way that particularly points out and distinctly identifies what the inventor believes he or she has invented and wants protection to cover. Besides being the most important document in the entire patent registration process, is also considered to be one of the most complex document needing expertise in technical and legal fields. The patent drafting/writing specification contains the aspects of the invention such as field of invention, background, summary, detailed description, patent drawings, abstract and patent claims for which protection is sought.

A very important aspect of patent drafting is, knowing how best to describe the invention and all of the aspects of the invention so as to maximize the likelihood of obtaining a patent while minimizing roadblocks and pitfalls that lurk for practically every invention .

How we can help

Our strong expertise in multiple technologies combined with an exceptional depth of experience in drafting will help you in bringing largest possible coverage with a highest chance obtaining a patent for your invention and ideas.

Representation in India and US:

Intellectual property rights are your intangible but most important and valuable assets. Companies of all sizes are at risk of having their unique ideas, products or services infringed upon, even if they are on the other side of the world, making intellectual property protection more important than ever. You need to protect genuine business assets that may be integral to the core services of the business and overall long-term viability.

How we can help

We have 20 Years of experience every aspect of the Intellectual property law in multiple areas like bio technology, chemical, electrical, hardware and software technologies, information technology and internet, materials and polymer science, pharmaceuticals and telecommunications, trademarks and copyright laws giving us an edge in protecting your intellectual property.

Searches & Analysis:

A patent search is a search of issued patents and published patent applications for inventions that might be considered important “prior art” references when applying for a patent. The prior art is anything in the public domain, patented or not patented, that may determine whether an invention is novel or not.

A patent search is used to determine whether the time and expense of moving forward with a patent application is a worthwhile endeavor. The patent process can be expensive, so the last thing you want to do is spend a lot of time and money preparing and filing an application when there is easy to find prior art that will likely prevent a patent from issuing

Patent searches are excellent learning tools because they give you an opportunity to discover which aspects of your invention are most likely to contribute to patentability, thereby allowing the description in any filed patent application to focus on those aspects most likely to contribute to patentability.

How we can help

Our expertise is various technical fields provides an in depth and comprehensive search to help you decide the viability of patenting your inventions and ideas.

Oppositions in India:

An opposition proceeding is an administrative process available under the patent and trademark law of many jurisdictions which allows third parties to formally challenge the validity of pending patent application ("pre-grant opposition"), of a granted patent ("post-grant opposition"), or of a trademark.

Pre-grant opposition is considered only after the filing of a request for examination by the applicant or any other party. The representation may be given at the appropriate office along with a statement and evidence in support of the opposition. A hearing can also be requested, if desired, but it is not mandatory. If the Controller decides that the application needs amendment or rejection, a notice shall be given to the applicant in this regard, which he must reply within a period of one month from the date of the notice, with a statement and evidence in support of his application. The case shall be decided normally within a month, on completion of the proceedings.

Post-grant Opposition can be filed at the appropriate office by any interested person within 12 months from the date of publication of the grant of patent in the Indian Patent Journal.

How we can help

Our expert team will help you in patent opposition proceedings by preparing, filing and executing the opposition proceedings.

Appellate Practice (IPO and US PTAB):

Intellectual Property Appellate Board (IPAB) is a tribunal, before which the decisions of the Central Government or Controller of Patents, Registrar under the Trade Marks Act, 1999 and the Geographical Indications of Goods (Registration and Protection) Act, 1999 can be appealed.

The IPAB has appellate jurisdiction against the decision of the Controller or Central Government of India in matters pertaining to refusal of application for failure to comply with the requirements of the Act; orders pertaining to divisional application; orders pertaining to dating of application; decisions pertaining to anticipation; decisions and cases of potential infringement; orders regarding substitution of applicants; revocation of patents in public interest; correction of clerical errors, etc.

How we can help

Our team has expertise in representing our clients in Indian patent Office(IPO) and Unites States Patent Trial and Appeal Board(US PTAB).

IP counseling & auditing:

Patents are tangible assets which, if properly managed and utilised, create increased value in a company. Patents provide a tangible value in that they are often a means for attracting investors or providing a source of revenue through patent licensing. Moreover, patents inspire confidence in shareholders for a company’s competitive position in the marketplace, since patents protect specific products and create a barrier to competition in the marketplace.

Patents are a very effective means of protection for the assets of any technology based business. An ideal patent portfolio provides sufficient coverage to practice a technology and deterrence of competitors from encroaching on the competitive advantage of that technology. An ideal patent portfolio provides a sufficient defensive and optimal offensive position regarding the product, in order to provide a competitive advantage in a highly competitive and lucrative environment.

How we can help

Our Intellectual Property Counseling practice assesses and analyzes clients’ technologies and their intellectual property portfolios to identify both opportunities and roadblocks.

Litigation Support:

Patent litigation describes the legal process that unfolds when someone who owns the patent for a particular invention enforces their right by suing another for manufacturing or selling the invention without permission.

Patent litigation includes legal actions to protect patents against infringement, and may result in monetary damages or an injunction against the infringement.

How we can help

Our patent attorneys can assist litigants in developing their cases and in securing aggressive litigation services.

Our patent litigation services include certified translation, live interpretation, document review, expert witness and more. We offer high-quality, turnkey solutions that lower costs, speed up review times, and work seamlessly with your current workflow.