We have operated in India since 2000.  Before that, the founder, Naren Thappeta, worked in US in patents field from 1992-2000.  The entire team is based out of a single office in Bangalore. We believe to be the right partner for large corporations as well as individual inventors, who target their work for the global markets.

We pride ourselves having people with strong technical background, and being trained to operate based on precise legal principles. The precision is due to

(1) the international exposure our founder Naren has had prior to starting the law firm;

(2) our strong training cycles; and

(3) micro-feedback possible with the onsite presence of Naren and the other leaders in our firm.

We are happy to assist clients in application preparation of inventions originating in India, filings / prosecution / oppositions in the India Patent Office and search services.  The search services cover patentability searches, invalidity searches, due diligence work, infringement studies, landscape studies, etc.



The technology areas cover Software/Hardware, Life Sciences, Chemical arts,  Medical devices, Automotive Technologies, Telecommunications, Mechanical Structures, Power Structures, etc.